Our story

I've always had this dream of living on the road in a caravan and having all these scruffy, bare chested boys running around outside. I'm a bit of a gypsy, although my husband says I'd need to be a cashed up one because I want my caravan fully renovated and towed behind a Land Rover defender (haha) but I guess there's this part of me that just wants the adventure and doesn't want to conform or 'keep up with the Joneses'

I decided to design beautiful products that inspired people, myself included, to live a life of adventure and wanderlust. I wanted to create products that they could take with them on the road, that made travelling with kids easy and stylish. I personally love hats, I love my boys in hats and I love the way they allow you to take on a persona. Plus I knew they were something I could design with no knowledge or clothing design skills whatsoever.

So we've launched with the 'Charlie' wide brim, named after my oldest son and the first product in what I hope to be a selection of beautiful products designed to inspire you to live a life of adventure with your own crew.

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Here's to the adventure
Tans xx