If you’re new to the hat world and looking for one with both style and function, the wide-brim fedora hat is your go-to. Whether you wear it for a weekend coffee-run look, a gathering with friends at the beach, or a classy retro style - this amazing hat is here to spruce up your outfit.

But how do I pick the right one, and what should I wear it with?

Good question, right? We thought so too. That's why we came up with this list of styling tips to break down the ways you could pair our wide-brims with various outfits and help find the one to suit you the best!

What is a wide brim fedora?

Essentially, a fedora hat is one with an indented teardrop-shaped crown and a soft brim that measures three inches and more. This stylish accessory offers a classic, yet timeless look, and it’s perfect for almost any occasion. These hats come in a great variety of styles and brim sizes, but women’s fedora typically (though not always) has a wider brim.

A wide brim hat is perfect for not only creating an elegant look, but it's also a smart choice to help protect against the harmful sun's UV rays. Wide brims are very versatile and can be worn all year round to help with adding a chic touch to almost any outfit to create a bolder look.

How to pick the right wide brim fedora?

To rock your wide brim with confidence and style, the first thing you need to do is to learn how to pick the right one for you. This includes not only your personal preference but also the deeper knowledge of your facial structure that would complement and benefit your entire look.

Choose a hat colour based on your skin tone

Since a hat sits right next to your face, it's really important to go for a colour that works well with your skin undertones and pigmentation to enhance your natural beauty even further. To find your skin undertone, look at the veins on your wrists under natural light and determine their colour.

  • If your veins look purple or blue, you have a cool tone.
  • If your veins appear green or greenish-blue, your skin tone is warm.
  • If you can't really tell if your veins are blue or green, then you probably have a neutral skin tone.

With this knowledge you can choose the hat colour that will compliment you the best:

Pale skin and cool skin undertones:
Go for darker colours like brown, grey, and dark blue as they will contrast with your skin nicely and bring colour and warmth.

Olive skin and neutral undertone:
The majority of colours will suit your warmer complexion just great but try to opt for hues that are either slightly darker or brighter.

Darker skin tones and warm undertone:
You can easily wear any colour you like but try to keep some contrast between the hat colour and your skin tone.

Measure your head

Always measure your head before ordering a hat or try it on before purchasing. The ideal brim hat shouldn't be too loose to fall off your head from the slightest wind; neither should it be too tight to provoke a headache.

To determine your head size, place a measuring tape 1/8 of an inch above one of your ears and then wrap it around your head. If you don't have a tape at hand but there is a possibility to actually try a hat on then for it to be a good fit, it shouldn't fall down around your ears, or leave a red mark around your forehead.

Flatter your face shape

Wide-brims works perfectly for those with oval, diamond, and rectangular-shaped faces. These hats will help you add some width to balance your features. If you have a face shape that’s more round, you too can go for wider brims, but just make sure that you have some height in the crown to visually elongate the face.

What to wear with a wide brim fedora?

Wondering how to style your wide brim to suit any outfit? Here are a few tips on how to look great in a hat, from brunch dates with friends to more formal occasions such as weddings.

For a day out with your girlfriends

Throw yourself a wide-brim fedora to create a one-of-a-kind street style look for a perfect date with your girls. Pick the denim distressed shorts or classic straight jeans and team them up with a black fedora and graphic tee for a grunge aesthetic look. To make this look even more chick and tasteful, go for a wine-red lipstick.

For a more sophisticated combination that will add more character to your persona, pair your wide-brim with a maxi or slip dress and a pair of boots. This look will accentuate your feminine and playful side and will definitely turn heads.

For the beach

For a laid-back outdoorsy look, team your wide-brim with light-coloured linen trousers and a slouchy beige shirt. To achieve even more character with a dash of effortlessness, do the relaxed half-tuck with your shirt.

For a simple summer look that you will always get right, pair your wide-brim with a romper. Team this outfit with a pair of flats, sunnies, and a bright printed accessory for the relaxed summer vibe.

Always wanted to try out animal prints but don't know where to start? Wide-brims and animal prints are a perfect combo that is usually underrated. The classy fedora will balance out the brightness of the prints making you look elegant without going overboard.

For an easy-breezy look, spice up a fully black attire with a leopard print kimono as a statement item and a wide-brim to take this stunning look to another level.

For an everyday chic look

Pairing your wide-brim fedora with jeans is a foolproof way to dress down in a stylish way. For an off-duty ensemble, cosy up yourself in a boyfriend-style t-shirt, white top, loose cardigan, and a pair of mom jeans or cut-off shorts with a pair of converse to look chill and comfy.

Wear your fedora with a classy white shirt and sleek black trousers for a perfect smart-casual outfit.

Pair your hat with skinny-fit trousers or a pencil skirt and a silky blouse to add some elegance to the everyday look.

For an outdoor celebration

It's absolutely possible to make a wide-brim work for an outdoor celebration. Try it with a formal suit, smart clutch, and heels. This way you'll look sophisticated and classy.

If you want to add a nice retro twist to your look, a wide brim fedora is what you need. Whether you pair it with a vintage dress or a pleated skirt with kitten heel pumps, it will make you look elegant with a touch of fun.

Create an exquisite look when teaming wide-brim fedora in monochrome style. Choose your entire outfit in a similar shade to visually elongate your figure and make you instantly look more elegant. Pair this attire with a wide-brim and be sure that this outfit will definitely turn heads.

When it comes to picking accessories for your daily outfits, hats are often overlooked in favour of a new piece of jewellery or handbag. However, having a quality wide-brim fedora can serve you on multiple occasions: from saving the look when you don’t have enough time to style your hair to take your outfit to a whole new level of chic. Hats off to that!

October 19, 2022 — Tania Eves

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