Pilot group

Thank you for joining my MATB pilot group. The purpose of this group is to help me test a range of new products I am creating. To give you some context I'll let you in on a little secret....Me and the Brave is changing! I am so excited about the pivot my little business is taking and as well as continuing to offer my beautiful wide brim hats to my community I am adding in a handful of brand new exciting things.

A few of those things aren't actually physical products, they're free resources I want to share to help the community I have come to love over the past 2 years. And that is why you're here.

Just to remind you, I was looking for a pilot group of about 20 who met the below criteria.

Woman aged 25-65
Interested in :
Small business
Life purpose
Online entrepreneurship
Women doing epic stuff together
Honest / brave conversations

Over the next 3-4 weeks I would like to send you 3-4 different free resources I have created for you to test and provide feedback on. The purpose of this pilot group is to help me refine those resources so I am providing my community with tools that they will not only want to use but will actually help them. 

So if you're still interested and committed to helping me help my community pop your email in the box below and I will send you a link to start using the resources. 

Seriously, thank you! This is a huge shift for me and something I have been working so hard on this year, so to finally be able to bring it to life with your help is so amazing!

Thank you
Tans x