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Transparency ~ The process & people behind my products

If you've read Our Story you'll know all about how MATB came about, the inspiration behind the brand and the process I went through to get to where we are now but I think it's really important to be totally transparent so I wanted to share a little more about my products and the amazing people I work with to bring them to life. *Full disclaimer I'm yet to visit our factories personally but besides actually stepping foot in them (which I plan on doing later this year) I have taken every step possible to ensure the information I am sharing is true and correct. The product My fedoras are designed here in New Zealand by me. I personally work one on one...

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This is our story 💫

Our story started over 15 years ago when my husband Simon and I were working as photographers on cruise ships. But the story of Me and the Brave is a much younger one. For the short business related version please feel free to click here otherwise if you want to know the entire adventure you can read on below... The beginning If you've ever done an OE or spent any time living overseas you'll understand the incredible sense of adventure you feel everyday, regardless of where you are or whether or not you're working. It's more than being on holiday or in a new country, it's a deep and fulfilling freedom that only a transient life can give you. It feels rebellious...

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